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May 9, 2020

With more and more cases of positive COVID-19 reports surfacing, following your local municipality's “stay-at”home” order, social distancing and self quarantine is becoming more important. Following the new “rules” will help reduce the virus from spreading and hopefull...

April 8, 2020

Photo of "Mooncakes" by Suzanne Walker and illustrated by Wendy Xu 

“Mooncakes” by Suzanne Walker and illustrated by Wendy Xu is a young adult graphic novel following a young witch named Nova living with her two aunts. One night when she runs into her childhood crush Ta...

August 30, 2019

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that my long-distance relationship is rainbows and butterflies because it’s been tough; my partner is my best friend. We went from seeing each other three to four days a week to not seeing each other for weeks at a time.

I promised...

December 15, 2015

The Climate

           Living in Chicago has conditioned me to never expect normalcy or to get comfortable.  December 2013 was absolutely horrific but December 2015 is almost beautiful...but how long can we expect this? The weather of Chicago has taught me to never back...

December 14, 2015

          Everyone says that the time to travel is in your twenties, but what ‘they’ don’t tell you is that traveling in your twenties is expensive.  Unless you’re a trust fund baby, or come from a well off family, us college students don’t make, or have that much mone...

November 24, 2015

     To the ones with the broken hearts, the ones who love too hard, the ones who were cheated on, and everyone else that's hurting in any way: I'm right there for and with you.

     It's really hard admitting that you're hurting inside and that your heart is...

August 21, 2015

With the school semester literally around the corner, the back to school blues begin... Along with the back to school supply purchases making our bank accounts cry.  For the last minute shoppers, I have some tips to save you (or your parents) some money.

When it comes t...

August 9, 2015

#1. Do not say that you're a tourist, especially from Chicago.

My friend was asked, "Do you live by Chief Keef?" 

#2. Do not ask for directions from anyone.

From experience, most people don't care if you're lost and will not stop to help you.  I once got so lost in Brookl...

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