Requesting Event Coverage

By requesting coverage of your event from YUNGMIGA, you understand that it is not guaranteed that a reporter will be able to attend your event and write about it. If event coverage is important, please see "Advertising Event" page to pay for an ad. 

If a YUNGMIGA reporter is available to attend your event, you understand and accept that the reporter will be at your event taking photos and talking to patrons. It is asked that all YUNGMIGA reporters are treated with respect and given reasonable access.

When submitting event, please keep in mind that all questions on the form should be filled out. If questions are not filled out, the possibility of your event being covered are lessened. 

YUNGMIGA coverage does not mean support of you, your event or your patrons. All YUNGMIGA reporters pride themselves on covering events, people and things in an unbiased manner.

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